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What We Do
MCC Mandela Crisis Centre
Skills Development
  • Service provider: Mandelavile Crisis Center will implement the project from start to completion the organisation has been in existence for 10 years and has adequate working experience in the NPO sector and community’s development initiating project and skills development programmes.
Problem statement
  • The reasons:
  • High costs training and education
  • Poverty,
  • Lack or scarce economic Opportunities.
  • Lack of income & employment
  • Lack of food
  • Lack of skills and lack of education.
Solution to the Problem:
To enable the poorest and vulnerable families to have an income source for basic needs of life by imparting vocational training skills to at least one member of the family.

Why this? , is the “Best solution”.
Imparting valuable Skills Development results in :
  • Sustainable solution to their current problems.
  • Creates job Opportunity and income source that are sustainable.
  • An asset which not only enables them but let them help others in their comunities.
  • Restore hope and sense of worth.

Target Beneficiary:
Indirect Beneficiaries:
  • Families of individuals.
  • Trainers’ family members.
  • Suppliers’ family members.
  • Project management and support staff family members.
  • Families of the centers managers.

Skills set
  • Sewing
  • Agriculture
  • Baking
  • Carpentry
  • Cell phone repair
  • Brick Making
  • Life skills
  • Computer basics course

Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Monthly visits of the centers
  • Weekly and Monthly Progress reports
  • Regular tests and assignments during the training period
  • Performance evaluation of the trainers
  • Alignment of the progress with the implementation plan and revise accordingly
  • Impact Evaluation of the project in the community after 6 months and a year.

MCC Mandela Crisis Centre
MCC Mandela Crisis Centre
Sponsors/ Stakeholders/Partners
  • City of Johannesburg
  • SETAs
  • Department of labour
  • Social Development
  • Harmony Gold Mine
  • Local CSOs
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